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Color of the Year 2019: The Blueprint for Life Reimagined

Posted by Behr Designer on

The 2019 Behr Color of the Year is Blueprint S470-5, a color lush with positivity and strength.

Selecting our Color of the Year each year requires a deep dive into culture—fashion, art, food, décor trends, music, film, and so on. This year, one color family outshined all others: blue. In fact, all ranges of blue have come into sharper focus, from refreshing misty blues to deep, shadowy indigo.

But we flatly could not turn our gaze away from the universal appeal of Blueprint—a mid-range blue, warmer than denim, softer than navy. It’s as evident in the movie poster for this year’s Best Picture as it is in the iconic fashions worn by British royalty.

Click here to see the trend palette and read more about how these hand-picked colors can add to a mindful space. 

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